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Volunteer Agencies

This is just a sampling of the many agencies RSVP volunteers serve in West Texas.  Contact our office today for more information!




"After working 34 years for the Department of Defense, most of it here at Goodfellow AFB, I like knowing I am still useful. I feel volunteering keeps me more alert, more interested in the community - and I know how important another set of hands can be in an office. . . My volunteer work has kept me anchored."
Bette Ashworth - a volunteer at San Angelo Community Medical Center, West Texas Rehab and American Cancer Society
"We all have items in our backgrounds as a child that were good and bad. I vowed that I would help children achieve so they could be and do the best in life; whatever came their way. An opportunity of being in Girl Scouts was not offered to me as a child. I now have over 30 years in both Boy and Girl Scouts as an adult."
Alice Piri - a volunteer with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
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