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Department of Aging & Disability Services (DADS) Vision Award for Wellness

The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) announced the recipients of their annual ‘Vision Award” during their ceremony at DADS offices at 701 West 51st Street in Austin yesterday Each year DADS recognizes volunteers and partners who give their time and talents to enrich the lives of older Texans and people with developmental disabilities.


The West Texas RSVP Volunteers Faith in Action is a group of dedicated people who meet the medical transportation service needs in San Angelo. In a one-year period, 38 RSVP volunteers provided transportation to 41 frail older clients for more than 500 medical appointments.  In recognition of this impactful contribution West Texas RSVP volunteers received a Vision Award in the Wellness Category.


“There are truly some amazing individuals and organizations who are working to make life better for Texans who are aging or who have disabilities. They deserve to be honored for the many ways they are making a difference,” says DADS Commissioner Jon Weizenbaum.”


RSVP volunteers Gena Parks and Pat O’Brien accepted the award on behalf of all RSVP volunteers providing medical transportation.

Cecilia Abbott, Texas First Lady, along with DADS Commissioner, Jon Weizenbaum presented the awards.

Cecilia Abbott, Texas First Lady & Dolores Schwertner, WTRSVP Director

Gena Parks & Pat O'Brien  WTRSVP-FIA Volunteer Drivers

Gena Parks, Pat O'Brien, Dolores Schwertner, Teresa Covey

DADS Vision Award Recipients

Volunteers not pictured: Frank Barbella, Chester Bobo, Stanley Brosig, Judy Cmerek, Frances Evans, Toni Flores, Molly Guevara, Joyce Heller, Don Horner, Karen Horner, Connie Hutchens, Jim King, Kathy McBurnie, Carla Phillips, Carol Rigby-Hiebert, and Christine Scott.

L to R: Toni Gonzales, Pat O’Brien, Mary Thompson, Gena Parks, Carol Sturm, Fran Sentell

L to R: back row- Don Ruckelshausen, Novell Holveck, Pat Malloy, John Ulrich, Ray Favre, Bill Murphy; front row  - Dorothy St. Germain, Jenny Eubank, Beverly Henderson, Barbara Block

L to R: Christine Scott, Pat O'Brien, Chester Bobo, Mary Thompson, Lew Burnett, Ray Favre, Pat Malloy, Toni Flores, Gena Parks, Bill Murphy, Carol Rigby-Hiebert, Don Ruckelshausen

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